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What is the collection
Singapore is usually called a collection, and Taiwan is called a collection.
After the customers bought the goods in the domestic online mall, they sent the goods to the collecting warehouse of the shipping company. After that, the shipping company sent the goods to the same destination in accordance with the customers' requirements and packed the goods, weighed, calculated the transportation price, and sent them to the designated area.
IZZYSHIP, a more flat, faster, more intimate purchasing agent.
It provides cheap and convenient transportation / purchase service for friends who often shop online.
You can send your heart to our warehouse all over the world. After the collection, the goods will be sent to your address or our own center as soon as possible to your hand as soon as possible.
IZZYSHIP transport service content
IZZYSHIP is a new generation of professional Singapore transport platform (Taobao) built by LEGION EXPRESS PTE LTD. It is the most large-scale and powerful Singapore shipping company. IZZYSHIP can help the mainland's big business sellers to easily transport goods to Singapore, reduce freight through collection, so as to attract more Singaporean buyers and significantly increase seller's sales and earnings. Singapore is also able to help Singaporean buyers to collect the goods purchased from the major e-commerce sites on the mainland to Singapore, and to reduce the freight through the collection, and the most likely to save money for the Singaporeans.
The advantages of IZZYSHIP collection
IZZYSHIP will be able to carry goods to Singapore, such as Taobao, Tmall, clap, Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong, Suning, and so on, to reduce freight rates by collection, so that both mainland sellers and Singaporean buyers will benefit from them.