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IZZYSHIP Collecting and transportingOfficially registered by the Singapore Industrial and commercial bureau, it is the most authoritative and regular shipping company in China. It can bring a dragon type safety efficiency for the customers who need the transportation to transport the goods safely to the destination, making the IZZYSHIP transport gradually become the consumption habits and lifestyle of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas.

IZZYSHIPContainer transportation is a service platform dedicated to the transportation of furniture, bulk goods, and small local delivery. The main business scope includes: furniture collection and transportation, small cargo transport, import and export customs declaration, vehicle customs declaration, in 2018 in the Baoan freight area in Shenzhen and the business circle of Singapore. Provide the most reliable and safe transportation services to small and medium-sized enterprises and people's business circles at home and abroad. IZZYSHIP transportation provides a wide range of mainland to Hongkong and overseas transportation services for the broad masses of customers, making international logistics, international express delivery and transshipment more convenient.